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At Carol A Sketchley Solicitor we feel that it is most important for you to make a will whether or not you consider you have many possessions or much money as:-

  • if you die without a will, there are certain rules which dictate how the money, property or possessions should be allocated. This may not be the way that you would have wished your money and possessions to be distributed
  • unmarried partners and partners who have not registered a civil partnership cannot inherit from each other unless there is a will, so the death of one partner may create serious financial problems for the remaining partner
  • if you have children, you will need to make a will so that arrangements for the children can be made if either one or both parents die
  • it may be possible to reduce the amount of tax payable on the inheritance if advice is taken in advance and a will is made
  • if your circumstances have changed, it is important that you make a will to ensure that your money and possessions are distributed according to your wishes. For example, if you have separated and your ex-partner now lives with someone else, you may want to change your will. If you are married or enter into a registered civil partnership, this will make any previous will you have made invalid.
We will come out to see you at home or in hospital, where ever in fact, to ensure that your wishes will be carried out correctly in the event of your death. We offer out of hours appointments too for clients who are working during normal office hours. If it is not possible to get to see us we will, in certain circumstances, prepare a will on an execution only basis ie without having seen the client. We would far rather see you but appreciate that some times this is simply not possible. If you would like to discuss your will further then please give us a call now on 01926 484486.